Boodjamulla National Park

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Tips from Rangers

Despite having worked here for 2 decades or more, I have only seen about 2% of the park – it really is a big place. While the focus tends to be on Lawn Hill Gorge, there is so much more that makes this place the awe-inspiring area that it is.

There’s no shade in the middle of the creek, so take your own. You’re in snake country now, so stick to the tracks and wear boots.

Ranger Gaf

Boodjamulla National Park is better known as “Mumbaleeya Country” (rainbow serpent country) by our proud Waanyi People, past and present. Whether enjoyed by canoe or foot, be captivated by the fiery-red sandstone gorges and emerald-green healing water (Boulgi waters).

The walking tracks and land features hold many mesmerising relics of the past that will transport you back in time.

Waanyi man and former Boodjamulla Ranger Jarrod

When you are here exploring, remember you are in the Aussie outback. Though spectacular, it can also be harsh. You can really enhance your visit with a little preparation and planning, so sturdy footwear, a good hat and plenty of water is a necessity.

Some things here at Boodjamulla make you feel part of something iconic and exceptional. Watch the sun rise from Duwadarri lookout as the rays hit the crystal green water and bounce of the red rock in the gorge. And feel captivated and amused by the antics of our ‘Boodjamulla pixies’—the purple-crowned fairy-wrens flitting along the water’s edge.

Ranger Jason