Boodjamulla National Park

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Elders Customary Protocols

Elders customary

protocols for visitors

The Waanyi People welcome you to Boodjamulla and encourage visitors to observe and enjoy this amazing country. Our connections to this country are richly layered and have been interconnected for thousands of years.

Physically and spiritually Boodjamulla is important; you are in the presence of significant dreamings – Rainbow Serpent (Bujimala), Eagle Hawk (Jarrbikala) and Storm bird (Duwa).

For cultural reasons, the Lower Gorge is not accessible by water.


Protection of country is all of our responsibility.

To ensure the preservation of country and culture, Waanyi People have identified important customary protocols for visitors that we encourage you to follow:

Acknowledge Waanyi traditional connection with the land.

Visitors encouraged to wash hands and face before swimming - particularly after eating and handling greasy foods.

Let the spirits smell you by putting water on you and you are no longer a stranger.

Cooking water foods (fish) and land foods (kangaroo, beef) together is discouraged.

We encourage visitors to take the time to understand the richness of Waanyi culture and country on your visit and enjoy the deep connections between our people and lands