Boodjamulla National Park

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Plan Your Walk

Island Stack
2.6km, 2hr return

Start with an easy creek-side stroll then take a deep breath and prepare to tackle the steep climb up the sandstone ‘stack’. Follow the circuit around the top of the stack to enjoy panoramic views.

The best time to walk is early morning, before the heat of the day starts. Alternatively, walk in the late afternoon, when you can watch the changing red hues of the gorge as the sun sinks into the horizon (bring a torch for the return trip).

Botanical walk
1.6km, 1hr return

Take an easy walk below the Island Stack and then continue along the Botanical walk. Where the track ends, snap photos of the imposing Lower Gorge sandstone cliffs and fascinating tufa (limestone) formations shaped by lime-laden creek waters. Return the way you came.

Wild Dog Dreaming
2.2km, 1.5hr return

For a fascinating insight into Waanyi culture, follow this partly-shaded walking track alongside Lawn Hill Creek, to this important cultural site. Discover ancient rock engravings known as ‘peckings’, extensive rock art in a rock shelter and a large midden—remnants of long-ago meals. As you explore the Wild Dog Dreaming site and witness tangible evidence of its past inhabitants, feel a strong sense of the connection between the Waanyi People and their land.

The Waanyi People ask that you respect their culture by not taking photographs at this site. Remember not to touch the rock paintings or engravings. Continue on to the Lower Gorge lookout (575m, 30min return) and rest beside the creek before returning.

Constance Range track
3.7km, 3hr return

Your reward after climbing up the ancient sandstone ridge and onto the ridge top of the Constance Range is spectacular, panoramic views. Sit down to catch your breath, enjoy the silence and gaze at dramatic views over the black soils of the Gulf Savanna Plains.

This challenging walk is suited to experienced bushwalkers and best at sunrise, or sunset when you can also watch the moon rise (bring a torch for the return trip).

Indarri Falls track
1.5km*, 1hr one way

Walk alongside Lawn Hill Creek and past the camping area before heading inland. A short climb gets the blood pumping just a little, before descending down to Indarri Falls. Take a cooling dip in the creek at the base of the tufa-formed falls and rejuvenate before continuing to Indarri lookout and then Duwadarri lookout.

Capture a bird’s eye view of Indarri Falls from Indarri Falls lookout (340m from Indarri Falls).

Duwadarri lookout
2.5km* one way (long way), 1.5hr, OR 920m* one way (steep way), 1hr

To reach Duwadarri lookout, it is recommended to take the long way and walk the tracks in a clockwise direction, visiting Indarri Falls and Indarri Falls lookout before continuing along the rim of the gorge to Duwadarri lookout. Savour views over Middle Gorge along the way before stopping to take a well-earned rest and take in the views over Duwadarri waterhole contrasting with the dry savanna landscape.

Alternatively, you can take the steep way and tackle the track to Duwadarri lookout in an anti-clockwise direction. This route includes a very steep 100m climb up an uneven surface

Upper Gorge lookout
3.6km* one way, 2hr

Be rewarded with splendid views over the Upper and Middle gorges after completing this challenging walk. You can choose to visit Indarri Falls first, then walk alongside the creek to reach the Upper Gorge lookout. This option involves walking up steep switchbacks prior to reaching the lookout.

Alternatively, take the less strenuous ‘back’ track through changing outback landscapes and return along Lawn Hill Creek stopping at Indarri Falls for a refreshing swim.

This challenging walk is suited to experienced bushwalkers and best walked in the early morning.

*Track distances are dependent on the route taken.