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Riversleigh World Heritage Fossils


fossil wonders of the world

Unearth Australia’s prehistoric past at Riversleigh—part of the Australian Fossil Mammal Sites World Heritage Area.

Riversleigh is one of the most important fossil sites in the world and contains fossils dating back 25 million years. Imagine a time when this area was a lush rainforest filled with mineral lime-rich freshwater pools and the diversity of animals and plants in Australia was at its peak.

D Site was one of the first major fossil deposits found at Riversleigh and is the only publicly accessible part of this World Heritage Area.

Sir David Attenborough has described it as one of the four most important fossil deposits in the world.

Entrance to Riversleigh – D Site visitor area.
Marnie Augusteyn © Queensland Government

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fossil trail

800m return, allow 1 hour

Immerse yourself in an ancient landscape and experience part of the record of life—see fossilised limb bones of towering flightless birds and the remains of turtles and the largest known freshwater crocodile. The self-guided interpretive trail has many steps, is steep in places and has a small interpretive shelter along the way.