Boodjamulla National Park

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a natural oasis

The emerald waters and lush vegetation of Boodjamulla National Park form a beautiful oasis in the outback, attracting abundant wildlife and offering exceptional views, walks, canoeing, world heritage fossils and cultural sites.

Once covered in wet tropical rainforest dotted with freshwater pools, the landscape of Boodjamulla has eroded over millions of years, leaving behind rugged escarpments, deep gorges and sheer sandstone walls.

Spinifex and Mitchell grass now stretch across the dry plains and eucalypts, acacias and grevilleas cling to rugged red sandstone hills. Cabbage palm, pandanus and fig trees grow along the river and creek – a remaining oasis of lush green in a semi-arid landscape.

Lawn Hill Creek and the Gregory and O’Shannassy Rivers flow all year round, providing a sanctuary for resident and migratory wildlife and making Boodjamulla a birdwatcher’s paradise.

The rocky escarpments are home to olive pythons, ring-tailed dragons, walleroos and the little arm-waving Gilberts or ‘ta-ta’ lizard.

Along the creek, spy freshwater crocodiles lazing on the banks, and fish and turtles bubbling inquisitively to the surface. You may be lucky to spot the vulnerable Gulf snapping turtle, as well as more common barramundi, sleepy cod and catfish.

Explore the Riversleigh World Heritage Fossil area, one of the most important fossil sites in the world. Immerse yourself in an ancient lanscape and experience part of the record of life.