Boodjamulla National Park


National Park


National Park



The Waanyi People warmly welcome you to Boodjamulla National Park, which we know as our spiritual and sacred Bujimala (Rainbow Serpent) country.

We invite you to explore its breathtaking firey-red sandstone gorges and emerald-green healing water (Boulgi waters).

Discover the cultural walking tracks and ancient land features that preserve many mesmerising relics from the past which will transport you back more than 30,000 years.

Whether you explore by foot, or by canoe paddling through the gorge, Boodjamulla National Park promises to captivate you.

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Further Information

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The Boodjamulla National Park is under the cooperative management of the Waanyi PBC and Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, supported by Waanyi JV capability partner Impact250.